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At Infinite, we get excited about using digital media for more than just finding the right target audience, market, message and channel. As the agency of the future, our strength lies in tracking every move in the conversion process. That is, we focus on reporting the attribution and performance of our digital media efforts. The takeaway: we’re creating an environment for your business to thrive in new, cutting-edge ways. 

We target people, not pixels. Our team relies on a multi-pronged approach of platforms and technologies to reach a precise target market, across devices, at the moment they’re most likely to engage. This digital strategy eliminates questions and wasted media dollars, and supports all other campaign and creative objectives. Learn more about the people-based targeting options we offer. 

We target people not pixels.

Digital Targeting
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Programmatic media is just a fancy word for the application of data to a media exchange. It’s simple – think of it as a solution for hyper-targeted media that works across every channel, and as a way to reach a distinct audience anywhere with your brand message. Most importantly, programmatic media is an efficient tool to scale your messaging to reach wider audiences, effectively introducing new people to your marketing funnel.

Programmatic Tactics


Search engine marketing plans are a dime a dozen these days, but not all are created equal. What makes the Infinite approach different is that we dive into every business challenge and tap into what drives businesses and audiences at their core. We deliver real results, not just online presence. 

To maximize the effectiveness of SEM, we implement it as a conversion tool to make sure you’re achieving continuous results. We provide a full audit, audience analysis and search terms query that allows us to determine exactly what search terms are generating the most impact for you.

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When your target customers search for selling points you offer, we make sure you’re ready to deliver quality content that ranks in search engines.

Infinite takes a unique approach with methods that have been historically profitable to your business and add a pinch of something new. By implementing indexed header tags, keyword, link structure and content optimization based on terms your audience is searching for, we’re able to ensure your business is in the right place at the right time.


Ahh, email. One of the oldest digital media tactics around, yet still one of the most reliable conversion tools available. This core communication method offers a high return on investment and builds brand loyalty. Infinite approaches email marketing differently, by combining personalization, people-based data, marketing automation and creative content. By utilizing behavioral, demographic, contextual and transactional data across multiple segments, we gain valuable insight into what makes your consumers tick. And with our strategic email approach, we turn new customers into brand advocates by offering them content that resonates.

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Driving results is never on cruise control.

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