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Infinite’s digital marketing capabilities help define the proper target, market to those specific individuals and track every marketing action taken in the process to conversion. What makes our philosophy special is that we focus on reporting the digital attribution. This tells us in real-time where to optimize campaigns and how effective the campaigns are at achieving business goals.

Infinite’s approach is to target people not pixels. Our strategy team uses multiple digital platforms and leverages technologies to reach the exact target market that is desired- regardless of the device they are on. This digital strategy is changing the way that budgets are spent by eliminating questions and media dollar waste. Learn more about the different types of people based targeting that we offer.

We target people not pixels.

Digital Targeting
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Infinite’s technology tools allow brands to leverage their digital media to gain impressions that can make a true impact. We are well versed in the complexities of creating a successful digital media plan and the ways to optimize the ad-technologies we work with. Learn more about the tactics we can use in our campaigns to reach your audience.

Programmatic Tactics


Our search team begins by creating a blueprint that lists insights we uncover and opportunities for your brand to gain more traffic. For SEO, we are well-versed in algorithm updates, search query analysis, citation and link development to name a few. For SEM we build out campaigns that test different messages and keywords to grow site traffic. Whether we are building a local franchise strategy or a national campaign, we work to gain both inbound and search traffic.

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Through ad targeting, social media has become digital media’s greatest tools for understanding consumer insights and behavior. These channels create transparent dialogues between brands and their consumer. Infinite’s unique audience profile strategy helps brands determine their social audience and utilizes data to develop specific communication plans.


Even though email is one of the oldest digital media tactics around, email marketing is still one of the most reliable conversion tools available. This core communication tool can also provide a brand the best ROI. Infinite approaches email marketing differently by combining personalization, people based data, marketing automation and creative content. We utilize behavioral, demographic, contextual and transactional data across multiple segments to give us insights into an audience

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Driving results is never on cruise control.

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