Programmatic Capabilities


Infinite’s programmatic tactics are agnostic to technology partners and leverage the most cutting edge media capabilities, allowing us to utilize best in class targeting tactics available.


Through Infinite, programmatic display media is more than just automated media buying- it’s the convergence of creative, audience analytics and machine learning to build efficiency in ad spend for all brands. Infinite has access to thousands of audience analytics that allow a programmatic display campaign to build awareness and drive penetration for any brand.


Programmatic Video is simply video assets that we deliver via DSPs and come in multiple formats across with web. With linear, non-linear and in-banner creative available, video ads can be delivered in almost every format imaginable. Unlike traditional video ad buying, programmatic video uses real-time data to get your video ad in front of the right customer at the right time.


Infinite utilizes multiple types of technology to ensure mobile accuracy. These targeted technologies include grid technology, polygon technology, latitude-longitude and geofencing for event based campaigns. We then use conversions as our core performance metric at the device location level. This means that we are able to accurately connect the dots between devices and people.


For Infinite, native ads are formats that are congruent and organic to the content the ads are in. The purpose of native ads is to seamlessly align the best performing creative with content a user is engaging with. Most advertisers and publishers aspire to deliver paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, from design to platform behavior, that the viewer simply feels that they belong.

High Impact / Rich Media

Rich media allows advertisers to create more immersive interactive assets while high impact units allow for disruptive full page rich media rolled into an optimal programmatic media buying strategy. With high impact, full page creative ad units can be bought and scaled with programmatic efficiency. This ensures the most pertinent audiences are sure to interact with your campaigns.

Influencer Amplification

Influencer marketing can create some of the best performing media, but getting the most traction from an influencer’s content is key. Infinite specializes in the amplification of content by targeting the consumers that are engaging with that content. This amplifications expands the reach of all content, no matter where it is shared.

Addressable / Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV simply uses data to buy specific contexts, shows, networks and regions that index higher towards a specific audience. Addressable ads give advertisers the ability to target at a household level across linear TV and VOD. This lets advertisers use data from the cable company  linked to data from third parties to target a different ad to each household.

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