Why you need to know Jonathan Ogle and Flip Croft-Caderao.

  • Tim McCarthy
  • March 2017
  • 5 Min Read

Because you will. Eventually. Whether it’s for creating the fastest-growing ad agency in Dallas, incubating the most culture-driven environment to work in, or the game-changing work that results, this is not the last time you will hear their names. Because both Flip and Jonathan were chosen for greatness, and nothing can sway that.

From the moment they met at SMU in 2004, nothing could sway radio legend Kidd Kraddick from seeing enough potential to invest in their future. Nothing could sway the inspiring of purpose in national brands like Bud Light, Pizza Hut, FanDuel, Susan G. Komen and Caesars Palace. Nothing could sway them from creating the agency of the future together.

And even though their alliance was predestined, it hasn’t come without hard work. A perfect partnership can’t be achieved without courageous vision, relentless adaptability and a precise alignment of values. In many ways, Flip and Jonathan have a perfect partnership.

Both men are leaders. Both men are passionate. Both men have hair. But beyond that, Jonathan and Flip are completely opposite human beings.

Flip Croft-Caderao, an unapologetic includer, spends a lot of his time turning deep relationships into deeply successful business partnerships. In many situations, people want to work with The Infinite Agency solely because of his personality. Known as the “King of Culture”, Flip interviews every employee that comes through the door. He invests his heart openly into every relationship he cultivates and he may just be the smartest guy in the room, because the people in the room are there because of him. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has ever said, “I don’t like that guy.” His likability may only be outmatched by his ability to rap. Yes, rap.

Jonathan Ogle, on the other hand, cannot rap. However, Jonathan spent years as a professional drummer in a rock band while he honed his design skills in the back of the tour van, highlighting his fearless and adventurous spirit. Jonathan has been called a visionary more than once, because Jonathan is playing Chess when everyone else is playing Checkers. His disciplined work ethic executes what his passionate drive dictates. Donned as the “Architect of Purpose”, Jonathan wakes up every day committed to making every aspect of every brand he touches better, by giving them more meaning. And he is not afraid to push for it. On more than a few occasions, Jonathan has moved an entire room full of people to tears with his passionate pitches.

Including me.

My name is Tim McCarthy, Associate Creative Director at The Infinite Agency and there is no one better suited to tell their story than me. Flip and I are celebrating our 20th year as best friends and Jonathan has taught me everything I know about advertising.

So what exactly is this brainchild?

The Infinite Agency, Dallas based and nationally bred, is built to enhance brand experience. With a client list that includes companies of all shapes and sizes, Infinite is made up of digital natives, brand architects, creative thinkers, and social taste-makers inspired to create the future of every brand and every person. In other words, we believe in greatness and purpose for both our partners and employees.

For any other agency, this rapid growth might be devastating. But for The Infinite Agency, culture lives at the center of success, and that’s not just a claim. It may be the ultimate defining differentiation. If you were to ask any Infinite employee about the company’s 5 core values, they would recite them without hesitation. Even new clients know them, because if they didn’t agree with them, they wouldn’t have become a client.

So what’s more important? The work or the culture? Well, it depends if you ask Jonathan or Flip. But one thing they will both agree on is that nothing can sway them from achieving the unachievable.

Even though they both respectively would have been incredibly successful at any path they chose, it is their perfect partnership that has created an agency that has given purpose to people and brands well into their future. And even after 4 years, I am humbled and honored every single day to stand in the presence of greatness, at the baddest agency on the planet.

There’s a reason it’s called The Infinite Agency. Because of Flip and Jonathan, greatness will live forever.

Written By

Tim McCarthy

The Infinite Agency is an integrated advertising agency designed to drive brand growth through data driven insights, inspiring creativity, and connected experiences.