How a medical innovator doubled their web traffic and increased leads by 120%

The Client

Cerescan is changing the medical industry with the most innovative technology in brain diagnosis. This technology and process has created the most effective and advanced brain scan imaging on the market.

Moving From Brain Diagnosis to Brand Diagnosis

Cerescan’s challenge was with a product so groundbreaking, it was tough to differentiate their service from the traditional medical diagnosis clinics. Cerescan was the unknown expert in the field, so our team worked to diagnose what could change our target market’s perception.

Rebranding the Brain

The overall Cerescan brand felt dated and over-complicated even though the organization prided itself on being a cutting-edge industry leader. The website in particular also faced several challenges when engaging an audience online with high bounce rates and low customer conversions.

We started by asking “Why would someone choose Cerescan over local medical service options?” This lead us to define a clear position for them in the medical marketplace.

Our focus of work then shifted to the website. We created a simple design and clear hierarchy for easy access to the patient condition pages.

Educating the Consumer

To support the site’s content, we shot and produced 10 videos speaking directly to patients with specific conditions. The strategy then supported the videos with testimonials and educated them on the results that Cerescan could provide.

Our research showed that while Cerescan had many patient conditions they could serve, the biggest opportunities within their media budget lied in ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers as well as TBI.

Using Our Brain to Find a Cure

The digital marketing team then used a prescription of search engine optimization, search engine advertising as well as video pre-roll to target possible patients and families with the terms we identified. These ads drove traffic to the dedicated landing pages and we watched bounce rates drop and scheduled appointments rise.

Results of the Treatment

During Q1 of 2015, Cerescan’s website was producing an average of 30 leads per month with an ROI of 39%. In the five months after the new position, website and integrated digital marketing campaigns we launched, Cerescan’s performance steadily grew to an average of 99 leads per month and with an average ROI of 340%.










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