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Content is creating the future of marketing

Great content has become the currency of social media, so for brands to thrive in the future, they need to craft a successful content strategy. Here are 5 questions we ask to help us create the best content.

Why start at the end?

We need to understand what the end result should be. Whether it is likes, shares, impressions or entries we need to understand what we are measuring for success. These goals should be present every step of the process to make sure our content is effective.

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Who cares?

We need to understand who we are talking to before we ever think about the creative. Brands can have multiple audiences and our content needs to speak to their interests. We build out archetypes with unique insights to ensure that we understand what the audience truly cares about.

Where did everybody go?

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok? Each platform serves a unique purpose and content should fit neatly within the parameters of each medium. The target, the medium, and the content should all align to create the best results. We work with brands to build a cohesive content plan that gives insight to the creative based on the media distribution.

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How do we create creativity

The goal for a brand should not be to out-sing the competition, but to sing a new song entirely. Great creative pushes the boundaries, breaks through the noise, and communicates the brand benefit so the content is worth viewing and worth sharing. Whether it is a video, a GIF, or an interactive image, Infinite creates content people crave.

What did we learn?

Did our content inspire an emotional connection with our user? Did they click it, like it, share it? We measure how our audiences engages with our content and use those insights to adapt our strategy.

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We Are Your

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Infinite is made up of creative writers, visual storytellers, and social trendsetters that create content to bring your brand into the future of marketing. Browse through the content we have created for our brand partners.