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The Secret to Designing Better Looking Websites: Wireframes

If you’ve built a website before, chances are you’ve come across design and functionality challenges during the process. The launch deadline approaches and you end up cutting a really cool...
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Social Media

3 Easy Steps to Build Better Social Media Content Calendars

I love content planning. In fact, it’s my favorite part of social media marketing because it’s the perfect blend of creativity and organization. Having the right content on the right...
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content creation during covid 19 pandemic

The Very Hungry Content Consumer

Has your content marketing produced results during the coronavirus pandemic? With social distancing in full effect, it’s become increasingly difficult for brands to engage with their audience. But that doesn’t...
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copywriting tips for writing better

The 5 Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Copywriting

Let me start by saying that becoming a copywriter was never even in the realm of possibilities until midway through college. In fact, throughout elementary and high school, the most...
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tik tok marketing agency
Social Media

Tapping into TikTok as a Branding Platform

Should your brand be using TikTok in its social media strategy? The overwhelming answer is YES. TikTok recently surpassed 1.5 billion downloads, making it the seventh-most downloaded app of the...
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Are backlinks important for SEO?

What are backlinks? Tips for link building the right way.

You might already know that Google’s algorithm uses backlinks as one of its top ranking factors, but…What the heck are they?And how do I get more for my website?Do they...
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