We are more than pixel pushers.

our values make us valuable

Our mission is to inspire purpose in brands and people. Each of Infinite’s core values guide us not just to be better workers, but to be better people. We enjoy the journey we are on together.


Each day our jobs cost us one day of our life, so we believe in being purposeful in how we pursue our work, our clients and our goals. Purpose enables us to create the most value for our clients.

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People Over Products

Every person at Infinite is more important than what they do, they are valued because of who they are. We desire to work with people who value the communication and strategy we bring.

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Trust over control

We believe our team is most successful working together when trust is at our foundation. Instead of worrying about who has more power, we want our whole team to be powerful.

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Potential over pride

Potential means having the capacity to develop into something greater in the future. Our job as leaders and teammates is to push our team to achieve their greatest potential and not let pride get in the way of possible growth.

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Strength over weakness

We believe every great organization should focus on their strengths instead of focusing on their flaws. We work with every team member to help them identify and pursue the natural talent that they have been given.

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our team

Meet the thespians who make
The Infinite Agency unique.

Andrew Godfrey


Lindsay Jacaman

Digital Media Director

Shana Fields

Strategy Director

Matt Johnson

Associate Creative Director

Eric Orange

Art Director

Baylee Luther

Junior Brand Manager

Shana Hagemeyer

Art Director

Brian Collins


Makayla Klein

Design Director

Megan Webb

Interactive Designer

Jared Peers


Melissa Sinkoski

VP, Operations

Carmen Marxuach

Junior Copywriter

Bradley Thurman

Senior Editor

Michael Haake

Digital Strategy Director

Julia Hernandez

SEO Manager

Batya Friedman

Senior Brand Manager

Josh Jones

Finance and Administration Director

Jonathan Ogle

Co-Founder // Managing Principal

Flip Croft-Caderao

Co-Founder // Business Development Principal

Steve Wade


Nick Thomas

Art Director/Designer

Veronica Morfin

Project Manager

Mary Hibbs

Brand Manager

Kyle Axtell

Brand Manager

Lauren West

Social Media Manager

Lauren Malouf

Senior Project Manager

William Merkel

Lead Production Designer

Whitney Hamilton

Social Media Manager

Taylor Katz

Brand Manager

Kelsey Vaeth

Brand Strategist

Stephany Puño

Brand Director

Brent King


Tim McCarthy

Associate Creative Director

Ky Lewis

Associate Creative Director

Jordan Spencer

Senior Copywriter

Jordan Ogle

Brand Strategist

Alisa Hovland

Senior Brand Manager


This is our collaborative collective.

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