5 Core Values

In order to really get to know The Infinite Agency, you first have to know what we believe in. We have defined our beliefs in 5 core values. These values bind us together- as a company and as people. They are truly what we live by. You’ll see these values on the wall of our office and in the mind of every employee.

But we don’t just practice these words internally. Each core value reflects how we treat our relationship with every client. Our 5 core values clearly communicate how much we trust in each other, what you can expect in our work ethic, and how greatly we value people. We use this list to not only benefit you, but to also set expectations for ourselves.

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Some flowery praise from our clients

With the help of The Infinite Agency, our social media numbers have increased exponentially! They have exceeded our expectations with each campaign and we have reached our stretch milestones. We look forward to working with them and reaching the next level of success.

michelle davis, shops at park lane

It has been refreshing to work with The Infinite Agency. We’ve always been able to count on them. From concept to product implementation, they’ve shown reliability and impressive creative talent. From the very beginning, they’ve delivered on time and on budget. We couldn’t be happier.

Peter Linke- CEO, Hothead Technologies

The Infinite Agency has helped us build our brand from the very beginning. From building our website, to creating signs, logos, apparel, and so much more. They get us everything we need in a timely matter, even when we ask for things last minute. They've really taken the effort to feel out The PilatesBarre culture. They even came to take a group class!

Meghann O'Leary- Co-Founder, The PilatesBarre

Jonathan Ogle


We frequently find ourselves asking, “What Would Jonathan Do?” As the architect of purpose, Jonathan’s leadership guides both our clients and our agency towards resounding success. After seeing Jonathan’s mind work, you might switch from asking “Why?” to saying “Whoa.”

Flip Croft Caderao

Interactive Director

Flip is a friend to all, enemy to none, and a leader of many. His energy inspires, his dedication astounds, and his laugh is infectious. He uses his natural “interactive” abilities to make The Infinite Agency the envy of other agencies across the globe.

Steve Wade

Operations Director

Steve has an advanced knack for bringing order to chaos. When he is not keeping us all in line, Steve brings his extensive digital marketing experience to help our agency focus on results.

Alex Pelham

Project Manager

Alex manages the production team like she manages her children- there seems to be a lot of them, they‘re all happy and healthy, and she’s just as patient as she is firm with them. Alex keeps her team motivated and safe from walking onto the highway at night.

Ally Hardgrave

Digital Projects Director

Ally may drive a truck and like guns, but she brings the lightest touch to every account. Bringing finesse and detailed focus to the relationships she cultivates, you might find yourself yelling “Yeehaaawww!” every time you see her.

Alisa Camp

Brand Manager

Alisa is always two steps ahead of you but she still manages to watch your back. Very much like a ninja, Alisa has stealth, accuracy, and a death grip. It’s a good thing she’s fighting on your side.

Claudia Moglovkin


Claudia helps us sleep better at night. As the organizer of our finances and tax lingo we will never understand, we can go back to getting our 5 hours of sleep.

Danielle Cody

Video Production Coordinator

If our agency was a night club, Danielle would be the party coordinator. She would be there to make sure every DJ is booked and the bar is fully stocked. But you’ll always find her raising the roof on the dance floor with a big smile on her face.

Jason Channell

Digital Marketing Manager

If your brand was a motorcycle, Jason would help you ride faster and get more adoring looks on the road. As an expert of strategy, research and implementation for SEO and PPC — you and Jason will be zipping by the competition. (We provide free helmets.)

Jenna Rome

Brand Manager

Jenna’s account management skills are pitch perfect. Her impressive range will help your company sustain the perfect note. She creates the perfect harmony for your company and when she opens her mouth, it’s hard not to listen. She is a true superstar, so get used to standing ovations.

Jennifer Adell


Jennifer is vital to the Infinite fabric. Weaving her way through invoices and finance, she is the thread to the warm, comforting blanket that is our company.

Jordan Ogle

Brand Strategist

Jordan started his career in strategy when he began his own chess club in High School. But advertising is no game for Jordan. He loves thinking moves ahead and has a niche for seeing new marketing opportunities across the board. Consider yourself lucky when Jordan puts your brand in check.

Madeline Wilson

Brand Manager

Madeline Wilson is like a tour guide. She is adventurous, she’ll never lead you astray and she is always taking stunning photos. Follow her lead as she helps you avoid rocky terrain while telling a really great story along the way.

Morgan McKenzie

Brand Manager

Morgan lights up every room with her sunshiny disposition. Committed to cultivating every relationship to fruition, no detail goes unnoticed with Morgan. This Georgia peach is sweet, and she will bring health into your account year-round.

Rico DeLeon

Content Curator

Rico is The Infinite Agency’s very own creative socialite (on and off the clock). Bringing his skills of art direction, photography and social innovation, Rico gives our clients brilliant ideas that resound throughout every medium.

Steve Swaim

Senior Brand Manager

Every team needs an assistant football coach, running drills, drawing up plays and making sure that everything inside and out of the organization runs smoothly. And for The Infinite Agency, that’s Steve Swaim. We just wish he’d stop making everyone run laps.

Taylor Kraft

Social Media Manager

Taylor is so committed to her job, she continues to do hardcore “social research” when she leaves the office. Either rapping every word to a song or learning the latest trending dance move, you will never have to experience FOMO with Taylor’s work.

Tim McCarthy

Chief Storyteller

Tim is the pencil and vocal cords of The Infinite Agency. Bringing his skills of wordsmithery, acting talent and media producing of all types, Tim gives our clients an immediate edge. Well, that and his smile.

Traci Penn

Graphic Designer

Traci may be soft spoken, but she makes a lot of noise with her creative work. She will turn up the level of quality for every project she touches and just like your favorite song, you can’t wait to turn it up and experience it over and over again.

Tyler Ackelbein

Art Director

Tyler is one rad designer. His hella creative skill set is gnarlier than the freshest of kale and his art direction is sicker than catching tight bay waves with his dope crew. He is from Northern California.

Wil Helser


Wil is the muscle behind the agency. Not only because of his impressive physical stature, but because of the way he knocks out code with incredible ease. Wil will lift your project to a whole new level, and you’ll both look good in the meantime.

William Merkel

Lead Production Designer

William is a jack-of-all-trades, master of… well, everything. As the agency’s Swiss Army knife of skills, you can rest assured that William will bring a variety of things to your account- speed, efficiency and those tiny scissors you’ll never use.