Don’t Snooze on Mattress Firm’s Latest Brand Partnership with Giggly Squad

  • The Infinite Agency
  • March 2024
  • 2 Min Read

Some partnerships are just meant to be. And when Giggly Squad hosts Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner brought up their love for bedrotting—and need for new mattresses—Mattress Firm saw an opportunity.

Jumping at the chance to age down the brand and engage its target market, Mattress Firm landed a Prezzz Day social partnership with DeSorbo and a sponsored Giggly Squad podcast segment for Sleep Awareness Week. The result: More than 3 million impressions and a wave of positive engagement.

What was the strategy behind the partnership? According to Mattress Firm’s social media team, “By partnering with Giggly Squad, we can engage with an audience that shares similar interests and preferences, enhancing our brand visibility and resonance among our target market.” Tapping into DeSorbo’s audience—largely Bravo enthusiasts—offered Mattress Firm an avenue to reach its target audience in an organic setting.

“When evaluating potential collaborations, we prioritize organic life moments… Paige’s well-known reputation for quality sleep via bedrotting presented a natural opportunity to integrate into her social content and podcast,” said the team. 

Infinite Creative Director Ky Lewis added, “It’s been a fun partnership to facilitate. The fact that Paige and Hannah called Mattress Firm out by name back in November—it feels like a full circle moment.”

A flood of comments on DeSorbo’s Prezzz Day Sale carousel proved just how natural the collaboration felt for the bedrotting podcaster. Her followers were quick to praise the partnership with comments like “I’ve never seen a stronger brand alignment in my life” and “About time this partnership happens!”

Mattress Firm understands that the best brand partnerships aren’t forced: “Our primary objective in partnering with Giggly Squad was to leverage the influence of a prominent figure like Paige DeSorbo and the Giggly Squad Podcast to reach our target demographic in a fun and playful way.” 

By staying in touch with its audience and on top of social listening, Mattress Firm seized an opportunity to create a partnership that just made sense. 


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