Infinite Wins Gold ADDY for Innovative Album Release Campaign

Atlantic Records is no ordinary label and certainly not your average client at The Infinite Agency. When young, up and coming artist Traptize Ky released his album Back I Go featuring the track ‘All Whites’, suddenly there was a shortage of white Air Force Ones in Richmond, Virginia.

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The local artist’s music had created a stir, but breaking through in the music industry requires creative solutions. So we teamed up with Atlantic Records to create additional buzz in the artist’s neighborhood. Together, we swept the city, tossing custom pairs of all white Air Force One sneakers over telephone wires and street signs.

The all white sneakers were customized by a local artist and featured a red painted sole with the artist’s name and album title on each shoe respectively.

The stunt was a success as locals from the area began sharing it on social media organically, resulting in a spike in streaming of Traptize Ky’s album. Sneaker and hip hop culture has the power to create intrigue, and we used that insight to turn a simple idea into an impactful experience.

Written By
Tim McCarthy
Infinite’s first copywriter, Tim is now a Creative Director and Manager of our internal Content Creation department. He has written and directed multiple commercials, and even has an extensive career in front of the camera. He’s performed in over 50 different stage productions in Dallas, Austin, Chicago, and New York. He’s written (and even starred in) content for Susan G. Komen, Pizza Hut, Smoothie King, and the Dallas Mavericks.
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