We’re Breaking Down Every Type of TikTok Ad You Need To Know About

We’ve already established that brands should advertise on TikTok, but how does the world of TikTok advertising work? 

In this blog, we’re going to dive into TikTok’s different advertising options. Yes, there are several different ways that brands can advertise on the platform. 

Each advertising format has its pros and cons, and hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll have a better sense of what types of ads might work best for you. 

What Sets TikTok Ads Apart?

TikTok offers six different ways for brands to advertise on its platform. Having so many different advertising formats definitely makes this platform unique. But something they all have in common? TikTok users have a surprisingly positive opinion of them. In fact, 88% of TikTokers love discovering new content while using the app. 

What are the Different Ad Formats on TikTok? 

TikTok’s six advertising format options vary in price, interactivity, and effectiveness, but each can be useful, depending on a brand’s goals. The most expensive advertising format may not be the most effective advertising format for your brand, so keep your strategy and objectives at the forefront of your mind as you read about these different options.

In-feed ads

These ads seamlessly fit into users’ For You page, popping up between videos. They look like regular videos except for the fact that they’re sponsored by brands.

shopping infeed ad on TikTok
In-feed shopping ads fit in seamlessly with user’s "For You" page

Spark Ads

TikTok’s newest ad format, these native, in-feed ads allow brands to leverage organic TikTok posts (videos from the account or from influencers with authorization) to lead viewers to the landing page and account page.

Brand Takeovers

Immediately appearing when you open up the TikTok app, these full-screen ads demand attention, are highly effective, and are more expensive.

ad takeover on TikTok
Brand takeovers flood the entire screen, demanding your attention

TopView Ads

These ads are usually paired with brand takeover ads. They are the first in-feed post on the For You page after three seconds.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Sponsoring a branded hashtag challenge is a fun advertising opportunity that is completely unique to TikTok. Sponsored hashtags can have their own, personalized landing page and are often used to gather user generated content (UGC) for the brand. 

tiktok hashtag challenge
Clinique sponsored a #TakeTheDayOffChallenge, generating UGC for the brand

Branded Effects

TikTok effects like stickers, AR filters, and lenses can now be sponsored by brands to use in videos. This is an incredibly fun form of advertising that is user-friendly for daily use. 

branded ad on TikTok
Using an effect sponsored by Dulux. Users can search brands to find relevant stickers when making videos.

(BONUS) Collection Ads

Not included in TikTok’s six ad formats, Collection ads are currently being tested as a possible addition to the platform’s portfolio of options. They will allow users to tap an interactive element of the ad, leading them to an Instant Gallery Page to browse products in-app, driving product discovery for brands. 

To Wrap Things Up

Organically posting to your brand’s TikTok page is a great way to increase user engagement and brand loyalty, but paid advertising can increase the discovery of your brand and help give your brand the extra edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. So, take a look at these different advertising formats, see what fits best with your brand, and get started!

Written By
Nicole Adams
The Infinite Agency is an integrated advertising agency designed to drive brand growth through data driven insights, inspiring creativity, and connected experiences.
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