How Budweiser became an American pastime once again.

The Client

Budweiser has long been an iconic American brand but to get America to once again take notice of them, they shifted their packaging from a Budweiser can to an Ameri-Can. Our task was to show Texas how American this brand truly is.

Red White and Beer.

The challenge for Budweiser was to connect to the consumer’s patriotic instincts. With a summer long list of event sponsorships we needed an activation to create awareness and drive penetration in the market.


Bud & Burgers

Our strategy relied on integrating a few key pieces of Americana: America’s favorite pastime, America’s favorite food, and America the beautiful. We sought to create a sampling experience at stadiums where MLB fans were able to taste and pick their official team burger, tournament-style.

Bracket Challenge.

The Bud & Burgers food truck traveled across Texas to activate sports fans and patriotic Americans at 18 unique events. Outfitted with a full kitchen, Signature Draft bar and fan activation, the Bud & Burgers food truck connected with our patriotic American fans.

The bracket challenge featured two different burgers going head to head each week served with a Budweiser signature draught. Fans voted each week for the chance for their burger to move on to the next round and ultimately be named their official team’s burger.

Along the way, fans who activated on social media had a chance to get some face time with former All-Stars and share an American beer.


Yes We Can.

Over the course of the campaign we gave out 5,000 samples of Budweiser and reached over 9.5 million impressions, over half the population of Texas, through our social media activations.







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