Experiential Marketing


Infinite has extensive experience in creating experiences. We not only know what works and what doesn’t, we know why. There are no limits to the concepts we can create using interactive displays, augmented reality, virtual reality, social overlays and other emerging technologies. We have the talent and the connections that streamline the production of elaborate events. From creative aspects to logistics, we deliver polished and professional events that give your audience what they’re looking for from your brand in ways they never expected.


We keep our wheels turning for brands that need to make an impact across the city, state or country. From food trucks to party buses, we can produce a mobile experience that captures eyeballs and creates engagement. We will bring your brand to wherever your audience resides.

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Creating a disruption is our specialty. When there is no media behind a project, we know how to get crafty and create buzz- worthy campaigns. From on-premise engagements to street team activation, we can design a spectacle that your audience will remember. Creating clouds, sketching chalk sidewalks or fabricating installments is the future of guerrilla marketing.


Our designers and event teams collaborate to produce beautifully-branded signage, event materials, booths and footprints with lasting impact. By integrating interactive displays, electronic signage and video graphics, we grab the attention of attendees who are then able to view a presentation that clearly communicates the brand positioning.

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Driving results is never on cruise control.

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