At Infinite, we get excited about using innovative media strategies to find your target audience. As we build campaigns, we look for the best way to identify your market in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our strength lies in tracking every move in the conversion process. We help you by focusing on the attribution and performance of our media efforts. This creates an environment for your business to thrive in new, cutting-edge ways. 

We target people, not just pixels. Our team relies on a multi-pronged approach of platforms and technologies to reach a precise target market, across devices, at the moment they’re most likely to engage. This strategy eliminates questions and wasted media dollars, and supports all other campaign objectives. Learn more about the people-based targeting options we offer. 

We target people not pixels.

Digital Targeting
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We use digital media to further our reach for brands. With the proper tracking in place, we work to build a funnel to your brand.  Starting with Search Marketing, our team targets keywords and intent to drive traffic while our retargeting efforts can help build frequency. Programmatic media allows us to find your audience through their digital footprint and track the consumer along their path to purchase. Our teams can help simplify the complex landscape and advance your brand.



Audio is in a new wave of growth with podcasts, programmatic audio, and streaming services adding to the robust landscape of AMFM radio. Engagement with Radio DJs and Podcast Hosts help messages become more believable and trusted. Digital Audio allows us to hyper-target your audience and place ads programmatically across multiple shows. We work to find niche channels that focus on content that will attract your target audience.

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Linear TV can create an emotional connection for your brand with mass reach and placements on the most-watched television programming and events. Through modern technology and measurement, we can study brand lift and even location visits. Advanced TV offers a new way to target cord cutters and hard to reach consumers. With all of the benefits of digital media targeting, Advanced TV also allows for impression-based buying on devices like Chromecast and Smart TV apps.


Out of Home has been building brands for years.  Traditional OOH will remain part of the  ecosystem, but the industry is moving forward to compete in a digital media world. This means more digital screens along with more data and advanced technology for smarter campaigns.  DOOH (Digital OOH), Programmatic OOH, and Guerilla Tactics have the power of presence and location to help grow your reach where you need it most. 

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Driving results is never on cruise control.

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