How a blood provider increased drive coordinator response by thanking the donors.

The Client

Carter BloodCare provides the blood supply for north, east and central Texans. As the staple lifeline supplier to the community, donors and blood drive coordinators alike are consistently needed to meet the blood supply demand.

Driving Blood Drives

The challenge for Carter BloodCare was that 75% of donors only give blood one time per year. Usually, that donation takes place at a local business, church or mobile drive. We knew that we needed to get more drive coordinators to volunteer to help put on a blood drive of their own and encourage those donors to give more than once per year.

Emotionally Arresting the Heart

Our strategy stemmed from the research told us that donors who gave on a consistent basis were personally impacted by someone they knew who once needed blood. This gave us a creative insight on how to speak our target audience. We also knew that we needed an idea to encourage people to continue to give on a consistent basis. This led to our big idea: #GiveForLife. This lead generation campaign would help us showcase the life of someone who has been saved by blood transfusion to remind people how often we need them to give.

Our campaign goals were to capture our target market’s attention and to drive them to our campaign webpage.

Open the Letter

We started by creating :15 second teaser advertisements that would run on targeted networks. An out of home campaign supported these spots along with Facebook video ads that continued our call to action to visit

The Rest of the Story

To pay off the ads, people who visited the site were served a 90-second of someone reading the letter they received in the mail. Each spot started with “Dear donor…” and continued to share an intimate life event of the recipient because of the blood donation that they had received.

Following Up

After watching the video, the site then asked viewers to sign up to donate or host a blood drive. Each visitor to was then retargeted with new creative ads and lead generation emails to remind them to take action.

Over the course of the campaign, we gave out thousands of hand-written letters from blood recipients to every person that donated with Carter BloodCare. These letters reminded them to give for life and share their experience using our hashtag, #GiveForLife.    

The Blood Flow

By the end of the campaign, Carter BloodCare garnered almost 3/4 of a million views on their videos with over 17,000 engagements on social media. The website had a 25% increase in visitors as well as an 8% rise in organic brand searches.

One of the most influential outcomes was 71 visitors signed up to host a blood drive from This was the highest result of any marketing effort—second only to the West, Texas explosion in 2013.







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