How influencers delivered 600,000 followers to Pizza Hut

The Client

Pizza Hut sells more pizza than any other pizza chain in the world. While everyone knows who Pizza Hut is, they wanted to reach pizza lovers by adding some flavor on an untapped channel.

A Little Less Cheese, Please

Big brands often times solely post specials and product shots while forgetting about the consumer they are trying to reach. Pizza Hut challenged us to make their profile something a little more appetizing to grow their following.

Slicing Up a Strategy

Our strategy was to leverage the power of influencers through CLLB, Infinite’s influencer network. We hand-picked artists from across the nation and collaborated with them to create life-style shots and stories that showed Pizza Hut products in a lifestyle environment.

Post the Pizza

Each month we chose new influencers to show us how they enjoy their pizza. From pizza parties to pizza picnics each influencer had a unique style and direction of their own which made Pizza Hut’s channel more creative and relatable.

Hashtag Supreme

CLLB’s artists would shoot over the course of a two week period and send back their favorite creative work. We worked with Pizza Hut to choose the best content and then both the influencer and the brand would post to their own channel while hashtagging conversations and tagging the other party. This strategy increased brand awareness and the organic following.

Increasing the Pie

Almost instantly we saw an increase in their engagement and their following. Pizza Hut’s Instagram quickly grew from approximately 80,000 to 600,000 organic followers. In addition, the engagement for the page more than doubled over the course of 6 months with no paid ads, making Pizza Hut the most followed pizza brand on Instagram.






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